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Shaking off some dust...

So... haven't been around here much, as of late. Many reasons for it, the least of which involve both Facebook and our new blog (http://www.couchlocked.com). I do enough writing between the two of them to keep me entirely too busy.

If you've de-friended me, no worries! I don't blame you. I used to do the same thing to people who stopped updating. No hard feelings :)

If you're still reading this (and on the list to do so) great! Let me direct your attention to the Couchlocked blog, wherein I discuss many things of a geek-related nature, but mostly centered on comics (namely, Thor and The Avengers, SOON to include DC titles like Batman, Spectre, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, etc.) and a bit about the old daily grind.

If you want to find me on FB, drop me a line and I'll send you the link.

And for now? That's gonna do it. I still check in here from time to time, to read the posts my friends have made, and to wander the communities :)

All is not lost; I am still alive :)

*scratches head*

So, I do still exist, as they say.

Not many updates here because, well, I really only use this journal to check up on all of my friends here (those of you not on FB anyway) as well as keep involved with several of the communities I've got :)

Of course, hopefully I'll have the other site up and running, then you'll start seeing more posts here as I update there as well, but that's still in the works. I'm trying to find a layout that isn't going to drive me crazy.

So, anyway...just wanted to wave the little flag and say "Hi! I haven't abandoned my LJ!"